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The association hope21 supports women and couples who have received the diagnosis of trisomy 21 for their child by connecting them with families who are already living with a child with an extra chromosome. These encounters are a way to help reduce fears and preconceptions. Affected families find a place where they can bring up any questions or concerns they might have. Direct contact can be made with a HopeFamily of one's choice through our internet platform. Hope21 coordinates the networking between the two families and offers support in the background.

Furthermore, hope21 also provides support to medical professionals regarding the topic of communication around the diagnosis of trisomy 21. We are also happy to offer personal support in addition to our brochure with recommendations on this subject.

The organization hope21 was founded in 2020, inspired by our friends from hopestory USA, and aims to help parents of children with Down syndrome. The fundamental purpose of hope21 is to increase appreciation towards people with Down syndrome through our ideas and activities.

The board members introduce themselves



Born in 1984. Lives in the Oberthurgau region.
Married to Stefan (1983). Children Gion (2011) and Kellan (2013 with DS). Works part-time as an accounting clerk and field sales representative.

«At Hope21 we share our hearts, our lives, and our stories with others. If this encourages just one person to say yes to life, everything has already been worthwhile.»


Vice President

Born 1984. Lives in the Aarau region. Married to Dorothea (1983). Children Jaël (2010) and Leah (2012). Works as a classroom teacher at a secondary school.

«I'm invested in Hope21 because everyone has the right to life - regardless of the number of chromosomes they have.»


Board Member

Born in 1972 Lives in the Basel region Married to Dominique (1979) Children Ella (2012) and Lina (2015 with DS) Works part-time as a COO

«I was missing a network like hope21 during my pregnancy, when I found out about Lina's Trisomy 21. That's why I would like to be there for pregnant women and share what I experienced and felt.»


Board Member

Born in 1975.Lives in Zurichʼs wine country. Married to Sabine (1976). Child Alisha (2012 with DS). Works as a parish clerk.

«With my own experiences, I would like to pass on joy, confidence and hope for life and help to reduce justified fears and disappear unjustified ones.»


Board Member

Born in 1986. Lives in the Burgdorf region. In partnership with Marc (1983). Children Aliyah (2016 with DS) and Lionel (2020). Currently works at home as a mother and housewife.

«hope21 reflects exactly my heartʼs desire: take away fears, give hope, have a YES to life and show how beautiful, worth living, exciting, cheerful and full of love a life with a child with Down syndrome is. Through hope21 we have the opportunity to accompany and help before a decision against life is made. Every single child who is allowed to be born with trisomy 21 is an enormous gift.»


Board Member

Born in 1982. Lives in the Region Visp. In a partnership with Marcel (1980). Child Noëlle (2018 with DS) and Malou (2022). Works part-time as a lawyer and notary assistant.

«I get involved with hope21 because I want to change something. The diagnosis of trisomy 21 may be the first to trigger fears. In addition to the factual information of the doctors, it is also important to be emotionally absorbed. This bridge is built by hope21. From the bottom of my heart, I want to show women and families how worth living a life with a child with trisomy21 is.»


Board Member

Born in 1983 Lives in the Bern region Married to Fabian (1983) Children Florian (2018 with DS) and Eleonore (2020) Works part-time as a career counselor

«I know from my own experience that insight into the everyday life of a family with a child with Down Syndrome can give a sense of hope and dissolves many unfounded fears and anxieties. Hope21 welcomes all parents who are expecting a child with Down Syndrome to have such a valuable encounter.»


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Donations to Hope21 are tax-deductible in all Cantons and federally.


Verein Ganzheitliche Beratung und kritische Information zur pränatalen Diagnostik.

Fachstelle Kindsverlust während Schwangerschaft, Geburt und erster Lebenszeit.

Geschenk-Köfferchen für jede Familie, die ein wundervolles Baby mit einem kleinen Plus zur Welt gebracht hat.

Verein für Betroffene, Eltern und Angehörige von Menschen mit Trisomie 21 in der deutschsprachigen Schweiz.

Association Romande Trisomie 21

associazione per la Trisomia 21

Setzt sich für die Integration von Menschen mit Trisomie 21 im ersten Arbeitsmarkt ein.

Personalvermittlung für Personen mit Handicaps.

Café in Naters. Schaffung und Förderung von Arbeitsplätzen für Kinder und Jugendliche mit Beeinträchtigungen.


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